Drs. Reisch and Gendal‘s Vision World Holiday Party

Drs. Reisch and. Gendal ‘s Vision World holiday party. We love our patients. Thank you for your loyalty. It’s always a clear day at Vision World! 

Coral Springs Sports Sponsor

Drs. Reisch and Gendal’s Vision World has every year for more than 3 decades sponsored Coral Springs soccer, basketball, football, and hockey teams. The 2017 team is featured as well as my boy Josh pointing to the 1996 team. He was the ca…

Israel Ride 2017 - Ride as One

Dr. Mark Gendal of Vision World of Coral Springs recently took a trip to Israel with the intent to raise funds for three great institutions in the country; Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, The Jewish National Fund as well as Hazon.Visitors…

Coral Springs to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy With the MLK Award

To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Martin Luther King Jr. Committee is preparing to issue the first MLK award on January 11, 2018. The committee will choose an individual, business or organization that donated time and energy…

August Medical Highlights

Thank you for making this Month of August, 2017 the most successful August in our history! Here are some of the Medical highlights of August.

We're Now Designated Essilor Partners

We are now designated Essilor Partners: the only one in Coral Springs. This designates Vision World as the finest in the USA in Digital, Transition and Anti Reflective Blue Blocker Technology for Varilux Lenses and all Reading and Distance Eyeglass Lenses.

20/20 Vision Is Not Always Enough

If your child is performing below his or her capability in school or in sports activities it may be a vision problem. Your child may have passed a school screening with 20/20 vision but that may not be enough.
Does Your Child Need Glasses?

Determining Whether Your Child Needs Glasses

In most cases, kids are not going to come out and tell their parents they need glasses. When they start having vision problems, kids just try to adjust to it on their own without seeking help.