Demodex – Eye Lid Disease

Do You Know Demodex?

These mites, an overlooked cause of ocular inflammation, can be the root cause of your tougher blepharitis cases.

By Jingbo Liu, MD, PhD, and Scheffer C. G. Tseng, MD, PhD

Given the multitude of factors that can contribute to blepharitis, precise diagnosis and targeted therapy are often elusive. However, more cases than you may realize can be directly linked to Demodex, the most common microscopic ectoparasite found in the human skin, due to the eye’s general inaccessibility by daily facial hygiene.1

Compounding the problem, ocular inflammation caused by this parasite has not been well recognized by ophthalmologists. As a result, this potential cause is often overlooked in differential diagnosis of corneal and external diseases, let alone the consideration of therapeutic options. In this article, we will discuss the pathogenic potential of Demodex in causing ocular surface inflammation, as well as tips for diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms and Signs of Ocular Infestation

Itching, burning, foreign body sensation, dryness, redness, light sensitivity, pain and blurry vision can be the patient’s complaints once ocular Demodex infestation occurs. Since these findings are also quite common in many other ocular surface disorders, corroborating evidence is necessary if one is to isolate Demodex as the cause.

The Solution

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