We Specialize in Foreign Body Removal

A foreign object could be a piece of dust, grit, or other substance that comes in contact with the eye. Most of the time, these objects are so small, we don’t notice them – and when they get into the eye, they’re harmless and easily removable. However, depending on the object and how deeply it enters the eye, foreign objects can be serious.

Beautiful young female patient is having a medical attendance at the optometrist.

What is a foreign body?

A foreign body is something such as an eyelash, sawdust, sand, or dirt can that gets into the eyes. The main symptom is irritation or pain. Depending on what it is and how the injury happened, the foreign body may pierce the eye and cause serious injury or it may simply go away with no long-term problem.

The resulting inflammatory cascade can cause dilation of the surrounding vessels and subsequent edema of the lids, conjunctiva, and cornea. If you don’t see a doctor for foreign body removal it can cause infection.

What to do if you have a foreign body?

If anything is stuck in your eye for more than a period of a couple of hours, foreign body removal should not be attempted yourself. Keep in mind that the eyes are an extremely delicate organ and any attempts to try anything extra ordinary with them can only have negative and adverse results. If the foreign body you are talking about is not bothering you too much, then you are advised to visit an eye doctor to take care of it. If not you may need to call to emergency service of your region.  If there is a foreign body in your eye, such as a piece of grit, your eye doctor may try and remove it. They will put anaesthetic eye drops in your eye first, in order to numb it and prevent any pain.

It may be possible to remove it by simply rinsing your eye with water, or by wiping it away with a cotton wool bud or triangle of card. However, if this is unsuccessful, Drs. Reisch and Gendal will attempt foreign body removal by lifting it out with the tip of a small metal instrument.

What see an eye doctor?

The foreign item could be stuck underneath your upper eyelid, especially if you can feel something there, or you have frem1scratches or grazes (abrasions) on the top half of the transparent outer layer of your eye (cornea). If this is the case, it may be necessary to gently turn your eyelid inside out in order for foreign body removal.

Whatever is happening with your eyes or if you suffer or even suspect that a foreign body has penetrated the outer eye layer better go without delay to see Drs. Reisch or Gendal so they can ensure foreign body removal. Doing nothing can lead to loss of vision, premature cataracts and damage to the retina so do not take any chances, delay is dangerous.