It’s Not Grey’s Anatomy But…

grey's anatomy

Instead of boring you with menial facts about what an Optometric Physician with Oral Prescriptive Authority does, let’s go my typical day.

  • Went to Sight Trust with the great Dr. Andrew Shatz, to sit in on a cataract surgery for my patient that I am Co-Managing. The patients appreciate my presence and it allows me to provide better Post-Op care.
  • In Office, 83 year old woman feels like a brick is in her eye, tremendous scratching pain due to entropian eyelash (turned in lash). Removed three eyelashes, antibiotic prescribed.
  • 9 year old boy not doing well in school. He hates to read. Cycloplegic refraction reveals Far Sighted Astigmatism; glasses will help him learn and assimilate information. I expect a one grade level increase in reading in two months with glasses. I love seeing kids.
  • 54 year old woman  has sudden vision decrease and grey out vision in right eye.  Exam and visual field performed. Blood pressure is high and carotid artery plaque is detected. Patient sent to cardiologist immediately due to suspect carotid artery disease.
  • 46 year old male with suspicious Optic nerve and high pressure. Glaucoma workup including BIO, Fields, OCT, Pachs etc. performed. Optic nerve damage detected, Initiate glaucoma treatment with drops to reduce pressure by 20%.
  • Patient has red gritty eyes, poor contact lens tolerance, Diagnose Demodex Blepharitis. Cliradex “lid facial” performed, prescribed Tea Oil pads and PRN fish oil.
  • 16 year old high school baseball catcher wears glasses that get in his way. Fit first ever contact lenses; fit with the new B&L Biotrue Daily Aspheric contact lens for better sports performance.
  • 35 year old house painter has metal foreign body. Removed with Alger brush to “drill out” rust in the cornea. Anti -biotic prescribed.
  • 43 year old disc jockey works the early AM shift and has trouble seeing the dials on his instruments. Anti-glare progressive lenses for reading and close work are prescribed.
  • 34 year old severely nearsighted patient wants to rid himself of glasses and contacts. Lasik pre-op exam is performed and surgery is scheduled.
  • 57 year old male with advanced dry eye. When initially seen, the eyes were so dry that if it got worse, this patient would need corneal transplant. Punctal Plugs and steroid drop therapy two weeks, then Restasis. (3 months later this patient’s corneas rejuvenated). He is doing great!
  •  37 year old male who loves golf wears contacts for astigmatism, fit him with new Moist One Day Toric silicon lenses and promised him no help with his golf game.
  • 18 year old diabetic is well maintained with insulin pump. Digital retinal photography shows perfect retina. These pictures are crucial to establish a baseline for this patient’s future vision care.

This part of the day!! It’s not quite Grey’s Anatomy but the life of an Optometric Physician can be pretty exciting. Next week’s episode is a real cliffhanger!