Our Mission at Vision World

Dedicated to providing our community with quality vision care through education, technology, and excellent service.


Dr. Jeffrey Reisch

Vision World’s Mission

Dr. Jeffrey Reisch and Dr. Mark Gendal were classmates at State University of New York College of Optometry and graduated in 1980.  They moved to South Florida together to pursue their dream of opening a private Optometric practice that was community oriented and would provide world-class vision care by way of the most technologically advanced eye care available.

Drs. Reisch and Gendal practice and lead their staff in providing compassionate excellence to their patients.  They will give any and all recommendations necessary to maintain excellent vision because they know that it affects lives every day.

Dr. Mark Gendal

Dr. Mark Gendal

They are well known for their community activity in Coral Springs.  The motto of Drs. Resich and Gendal’s Vision World is to constantly mentor and give back to the community.  The mission of Vision World is to preserve, enhance, and treat disorders of the visual system.  Drs. Reisch and Gendal are a one-stop shop for medical eye care, lasik, glasses, contact lenses, and children’s vision.  Their goal is to suit the needs of the people from 1 to 100.  The Vision World team supports the Coral Springs/Parkland community with gratitude for the way this community has raised their family and their children.

Vision World aims to provide the utmost quality care, with state-of-the-art technology for every patient’s life-long eye health and vision care.  They support a team effort of caring and ethical service for all of their patients.