Urgent Eye Care

Call (954)-753-1100 today and we’ll schedule you an Immediate appointment or forward you to Dr. Gendal for off-hour emergencies.

Need Urgent Eye Care?

Vision World knows the need for eye care does not follow the rule of 8 to 5.

Unfortunately, the need for emergency services arises at all hours of the day or night. To better serve needs of our patients, Vision World offers urgent eye care services for situations which require immediate attention. Such situations include; sudden loss of or change in vision, foreign body removal, or eye infection. Most conditions are more effectively treated when diagnosed quickly.  See our Eye Diseases page.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can see you.  In most cases, one of our doctors is available to see you the same day.  Try to avoid waiting until the end of the day to call.  If you wait until it’s late in the afternoon to contact us and we determine that you’ll need to see a specialist, it may be difficult or impossible for us to help you obtain additional care in a timely manner.

Vision World is highly capable and well experienced in the diagnosis and management of ocular emergencies. If you are require urgent care please contact our office by calling (954)-753-1100 at any time and we’ll schedule you an immediate appointment to get seen as soon as possible, or forward you to Dr. Gendal for off-hour emergencies.

urgent eye care